Jacob here,
If you're reading my HGH story, then I'm sure you are looking for a Human Growth Hormone product that is safe, easy to use and one that will actually make you look and feel younger.

But I must warn you that this is my unbiased, uncensored experience with using HGH, so if you are not willing to hear the truth, then you may as well leave now. Otherwise, keep reading...

How I Discovered HGH:

When I hit my mid forties, it felt like my body was shutting down way before it was meant to! I noticed I was losing muscle even though I was exercising, I was gaining weight without eating any more than usual, I was feeling sluggish and worst of all I was losing my sex drive!

At first I denied that anything was wrong, and that it was simply a matter of me getting old, and that everyone else goes through the same thing.

But when I noticed how upbeat, healthy, and young my older brother, Mike, was looking, I was curious to find out what his secret was. Had Mike found the proverbial "Fountain of Youth"? Or was he just one of the lucky ones?

After telling him how old and tired I was feeling, he told me his secret to what kept him so young and healthy. And that's when he introduced me to HGH.

What is HGH?

Mike explained to me that HGH or Human Growth Hormone is the main hormone responsible for almost all our bodily functions. It affects our immune system, tissue repair, bone strength, cell replacement and essentially the growth and wellbeing of our bodies.

Now, as we age, our pituitary gland starts to produce less and less of this hormone, and so all those bodily functions slow down too, resulting in us looking and feeling old.

So now that I knew what HGH was, I was really curious to know how I could increase my HGH levels.

How To Increase Your HGH Levels

So Mike explained that there are basically 3 ways you can boost the amount of HGH in your body.

The HGH Injection: First you could get a synthetic HGH injection. But there are numerous problems with using this method - you need a prescription from your doctor, the treatment costs over $2000 (which is NOT covered by your health insurance), and there is a chance that the injections could cause your pituitary gland to permanently shut down.

He further went on to say that there was not even real proof that these injections worked. So this was not an HGH product I was willing to try.

HGH Oral spray: My second option was to use an HGH oral spray. It sounded really impressive until Mike pointed out that once again there was no real proof that these sprays actually worked. Apparently HGH is not able to be absorbed through the membranes of your mouth. This was just another marketing fad.

Natural HGH pills: Also known as HGH releasers, these pills contain a number of natural herbs and vitamins that stimulate your pituitary gland to produce more HGH.

What makes HGH pills a good choice is that they are one of the few HGH products that have been scientifically proven to help increase your HGH levels. And they're the safest and most affordable alternative too.

The HGH Pill That Worked For Me:

With that said, I knew that using an HGH supplement was the way to go. But with so many pills on the market, all promising the same benefits, it took me a lot of trial and error to find a pill that actually worked. Luckily, in the end I stumbled upon HGH Energizer.

What I Like About HGH Energizer

It works fast: What amazed me about HGH Energizer was how fast it works. After my first 1 month I was feeling much more upbeat and energized, and I was sleeping so much better. In my second month my skin was looking more youthful and radiant, I felt stronger than I had in years, and best of all I was getting my mojo back! You could say I was starting to look and feel like the younger brother again.

No side-effects: Since this HGH releaser is made with quality natural ingredients, that help increase your HGH levels naturally, you shouldn't get any side-effects as long as you follow directions.

Free weight loss program: - A big part of staying young and healthy is to live a healthy life with a good diet and plenty of exercise. So when I heard that HGH Energizer offers a free lifetime membership to their online weight loss and fitness program, I knew this was the right product for me.

Money-back guarantee: - What gave me the confidence to use HGH Energizer is that it is a reputable brand that offers a 90 day money-back guarantee - so if for any reason I was not happy with the product I could get a refund.

Potential Problems With HGH Energizer

Requires continued use: The problem with taking any HGH supplement is that it requires continued use for the best results. These are not some magic pills that will make you look and feel younger just with a 1 month supply. No. If you stop using the pills, you will slowly lose those youthful benefits and end up back at square one.

Not everyone can take it: This is not really a problem, but rather a precaution. Although this may not apply to you, HGH Energizer should not be taken if you are pregnant, or if you have had any problems with your kidneys in the past. Also if you are on other medication, then it is best to speak to your doctor first. I did this just to be sure.

Where to from here?

First off I want to thank you for taking the time to read my HGH story. With all the hype and scams on the internet, I know it is hard to find honest information about HGH - but I hope you have taken my experience to heart and realize that HGH is a viable anti-aging solution.

So if you are starting to notice and feel the signs of aging, and wish to use an affordable HGH product that will give you more energy, better muscle tone, a healthier immune system, and a youthful sex drive, then why not try HGH Energizer?

I actually heard that they started running a promotion where you can get a 1 month supply of HGH Energizer for FREE. Perhaps a good reason to check it out?

Best of luck in your HGH anti-aging efforts!

~ Jacob

PS - Just whichever HGH supplement you end up using, make sure that it is sold by a reputable company that uses quality, natural ingredients, and at least offers you some sort of money-back guarantee.


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